Lühiülevaade psühhoanalüüsi arengust ja kohast Eestis

  • On March 22, 2015
Inglise keelne ülevaade psühhoanalüüsi arengutest Eestis läbi ajaloo. Brief report about development and place of psychoanalysis in Estonia. Tallinn, 13.03.2015 Ben asked me and Jane to make brief report about practicing psychoanalysis in Estonia and the place of psychoanalysis in Estonia. We gladly agreed and we will present not a research but our subjective understanding […]
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Over Trauma, presentation in Amsterdam

  • On February 16, 2015
Ettekanne Amsterdamis Over trauma[1]. 1. Past. Psychoanalysts are also ordinary human beings and are vulnerable from the external world traumas. On the last century, three the most devastating wars in human history took place. Wars in Europe. (Vaata pildid PowerPoint osast, Look pictures from Power Point part) (Absence of phallus refers not only to the […]
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Lost Chances and Prosperous Present? The Traumatic Past and Estonian Life Today. Avaldatud ajakirjas ” Journal of Loss and Trauma” 17. nov. 2011, avalikuks kasutamiseks alates 1. nov. 2013.

  • On November 3, 2011
Autor räägib artiklis traumaatilistest Eesti mineviku ja oleviku sündmuste seostest läbi psühhoanalüütilise perspektiivi. Lost Chances and Prosperous Present? The Traumatic Past and Estonian Life Today ANTS PARKTAL Psychoanalyst in Private Practice, Tallinn, Estonia The author attempts to understand how traumatic experiences during the past century in Estonia have changed the beliefs and memories of Estonian […]
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